Ask me anything   Submit   I'm fighting off some physical illness, lonely. Moved to Columbus for OSU. One unique thing about me, I really dig West African music. Other music on here too. Politics. Lol, girls. People. Pretty shit. Emotional shit. Real hard of hearing. Jewish white dude. Want to show what I look like (xd I think good enough), but don't want potential employers to see this blog. Lol, there's my nude body here (recovering from like anorexia or some shit, still putting on muscle)(:) tagged "me"). Trigger warning: porn (but I tag porn & nsfw stuff I post). And, I forgot, I'm some kind of like vegan. I don't see anything wrong with eating animals, I see a lot wrong with the way our society raises foodstock animals. Maybe it's being hypocritical, dunno, but I'll eat stuff I wouldn't buy if someone is trying to share their food, a meal, with me. From now on, I'm gonna try not to reblog any nudes/pornos that are likely leaked...fuck my evil thoughtlessness. As far as the relative lack of pictures of white women, white skin just doesn't seem to look as good IN PHOTOS. I like white bodies plenty.

"I feel like we’re not at a place in society yet to joke about transphobic humor ‘cause 95% of the population still thinks it’s totally acceptable, so [Glee’s] transphobic jokes aren’t edgy, they’re just really irresponsible."

AutoStraddle recap of Glee 4.05, “The Role You Were Born to Play.” [source] (via daxterdd)

Believe that, fucking sadly, this is very true. Very good point made, obviously.

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