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Beyoncé: being photographed in your underwear doesn’t help feminism


Excuse me White Feminists™, but what the fuck is this shit???

“Beyoncé: being photographed in your underwear doesn’t help

Wow, a popular white singer with lyrics that they want a “Ghetto Boy” - fuckin surprising.

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    Wow, a popular white singer with lyrics that they want a “Ghetto Boy” - fuckin surprising.
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    it seems like the only thing white feminists want to talk about these days are chris brown, michelle obama and beyonce.
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    oh please kill me with this shit. If this columnist had actually read the article that went along with Beyonce’s...
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    I think we’re lumping together a few too many “White Feminists” here. These white feminists are from across the pond and...
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    I don’t even like Beyonce, but wtf is this? Really? Where were they when Lana Del Rey was on the cover of GQ naked? Why...
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    why is it always bey?…
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