Ask me anything   Submit   I'm fighting off some physical illness, lonely. Moved to Columbus for OSU. One unique thing about me, I really dig West African music. Other music on here too. Politics. Lol, girls. People. Pretty shit. Emotional shit. Real hard of hearing. Jewish white dude. Want to show what I look like (xd I think good enough), but don't want potential employers to see this blog. Lol, there's my nude body here (recovering from like anorexia or some shit, still putting on muscle)(:) tagged "me"). Trigger warning: porn (but I tag porn & nsfw stuff I post). And, I forgot, I'm some kind of like vegan. I don't see anything wrong with eating animals, I see a lot wrong with the way our society raises foodstock animals. Maybe it's being hypocritical, dunno, but I'll eat stuff I wouldn't buy if someone is trying to share their food, a meal, with me. From now on, I'm gonna try not to reblog any nudes/pornos that are likely leaked...fuck my evil thoughtlessness. As far as the relative lack of pictures of white women, white skin just doesn't seem to look as good IN PHOTOS. I like white bodies plenty.


Those days when you really want to kill yourself or fade away.

My brother is about to undergo electroconvulsive therapy. My uninformed opinion is actually that it seems like the risks outweigh the probability of rewards, but he’s done some research. Has ECT ever been recommended/discussed with you, darknesshasnoname?…I mean, maybe it’s very good medicine.

Do you stay with your parents Mam? Me and my brother were living together, but then he decided to move back in with my Mom - it seems to have helped him, a little bit.

How has your family accepted/understood your illness?

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