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The Other Side of the Speculum: A Male Doctor's Point of View →





I’m never going to see a male gyn.



I went to a male gyn once and only once.

Never again.

Oh, I’m kinda glad you reposted this. I was thinking about what I said about it last night - I was thinking it was stupid that I overlooked mentioning that I don’t think I could get a thrill from touching or looking at a woman, knowing that her mind is focused on this being as non-sexual as…being wholly non-sexual.

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    Never going to a male gyn again. This is gross.
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    this was disgusting.
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    yeah, this supports my general rule of only seeing female gyns…..
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    What’s really scary is that I googled how often women who’ve had hysterectomies should get these tests, A LOT of them...
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